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The challenge is not only to teach best practice in infection control but then to ensure healthcare professionals adopt and follow these procedures in the workplace.


The fact is that orthodox training methods, such as classroom based tutorials and videos, are clearly not achieving the compliance levels expected and without compliance the risk of HCAIs remains high.


Using innovative Smart Glasses we can teach the correct infection control procedures in an exciting, immersive and a hands-free environment that aid cognitive learning.


The portability of the glasses also means training can take place anywhere, a really important factor in reducing costs where staff time is limited

our solution..

Key to our approach is to select and use the best available technology and this is a challenge given the current limited number of Smart Glasses out there.  The good news is that this is changing and although we may have to make some initial compromises we know we will be able to deliver our objectives.


Our plan is to initially deploy glasses that can support multiple training modules, the first of which will be hand hygiene, the single most important area of infection control.  


These modules will use Virtual Reality with later modules using Augmented Reality.


Ultimately we will providea suite of applications covering all the key areas of infection control.  Once available we will then develop new modules for other areas of healthcare.






a flexible approach..

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