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imertec - A New Vision for Healthcare


The use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in business is still in its infancy but promises to create a paradigm shift equal to that seen with the birth of the Internet.


Here at imertec we aim to use this technology to train and guide professionals in all aspects of their work with an initial focus on the healthcare industry and the area related to infection control.  So why focus on this area?


Put simply there is a real threat to all of us from infections, in particular those that occur in a healthcare environment. These so called Healthcare Associated Infections are putting the lives of millions at risk and costing billions.  


Yet in many cases these risks can be mitigated by better training of healthcare workers.  The problem though is that training that uses old methods, where good practice is taught but not retained, is failing.


Our aim is radically change the way staff are trained using smart wearable technology and then take this a step further by providing tools that enable in-work guidance.    This is our new vision for healthcare.

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