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We are a new company with a vision to radically change the way in which infection control training and guidance is delivered to healthcare professionals.


To do this we are working with stakeholders in the healthcare sector and the University of Portsmouth on a staged development approach that will prove the value of VR/AR training and take advantage of new technology.


The Directors have a long history in building businesses and bringing new technology to market.  

about us..

You start with a vision.  Ours is the use of wearable technology to train and guide people through a range of tasks.  Technology that ensures that training is embedded and provides support to staff as they undertake their work.  


The reality is that technology takes time to catch up with visionaries.  VR and AR software is currently moving faster then the hardware so you have to take a pragmatic approach.  One example where the technology has not matured beyond the lab is non-touch interaction with applications. gain acceptance for the idea, you demonstrate early proof of concepts, you build and deploy early systems and build out from there.

building a business..

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